Cory Kawa May 2020

May 2020 Month in Review

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What have I learned this month?

I started a course, Digital Transformation in Business. This course is a part of the UMSx MBA MicroMasters program I recently enrolled in. The early part of the course focused on how technology is disrupting business models and the risk that exists for companies that are not leaders in leveraging technology to transform their business.

What have I been obsessing with?

Thinking about the above had me self-reflect on my networking approach and how I should be better leveraging technology to connect with people.  The end result is what you see here today, a commitment to learning how to communicate my thoughts, expertise, and a little bit about me through social.   I welcome the opportunity to connect with you and any feedback you can offer.

What have I been reading?

The Catalyst by Jonah Berger – On my way to pick up our new Yorkipoo puppy, back in April, I was listening to The Future of Work Podcast, where Jacob Morgan interviewed Jonah Berger about his new book and decided it was worth the read.  One part I found particularly interesting was a point on how we all need to feel that our actions are within our control. That the act of pushing people, even with sound logic, will frequently make people prefer the alternative, even if it makes them worse off.  There was a great example of how early teen smoking cessation plans failed, and how Florida’s “truth” campaign was successful by focusing less on telling teens to stop smoking, and more on educating them about how cigarette companies are actively working to influence them.

Notes on the ups and downs of being an amateur triathlete?

Since 2012 I have been on a long and fruitful journey, transforming myself from couch potato to a reasonably decent amateur triathlete, with a few marathons and half ironmans under my belt.  Since 2015, when I got my first real bike, there has not been a single month where I logged under 2,000 minutes of exercise, then March 7, 2020, happened where I broke my heel on my final ski run of 2020.    

The recovery is ongoing and has taken much longer than expected. I am happy to say that after eight weeks of no exercise and a noticeable decline in fitness, I now have the green light to resume some forms of training. My eight-year streak of running may be on hold until August, but I am now able to bike and have managed to log 671km over 1,985 minutes of indoor and outdoor cycling.  

Now in the absence of any specific events to prepare for, I will be working on what my goals will look like for 2020, stay tuned as they may be ambitious.

What about you? 

Now that you know a little bit more about me, I would welcome the opportunity to learn a little bit more about you.  Do you have any great books, podcasts, goals, or stories you would like to share?

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