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The Fundamentals of Leadership

I remember one of my first major job interviews in the technology sector. Coming out of the world of yellow pages advertising, I was green, eager, and ready to start this next chapter of my sales journey. After successfully navigating multiple rounds of interviews I met with the Area VP […]

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Ghost Bikes and Bike Safety

Last month I set a personal record by logging almost 1,000km on the bike, completing multiple bikepacking trips, including my ride 330km ride of the¬†Cannonball 300, and the 160km¬†Simcoe County Loop Trail. While out on one of those rides, I encountered a newly installed ghost bike that was put up […]

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adventure begins, the four critical drivers that ensure IT project success

Four Critical Drivers That Ensure IT Project Success

I recently read an article from CIO.com, where they examined several failed ERP rollouts. In turn, they proposed two solutions to deliver successful project outcomes. They were the importance of ensuring key stakeholder continuity and the importance of an executive sponsor. Having spent the last fifteen years helping companies deliver transformational […]

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Attracting top talent

Attracting Top Talent in a Tight Labour Market

A rapidly retiring workforce and difficulty attracting top talent are creating increased risks to the many organization's long term success. To mitigate this risk, an update to the talent acquisition strategy that focuses on attracting highly-skilled, technologically savvy, future leaders will be required. […]

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