haliburton to home ride report

My 225km Ride From the Haliburton Wolf Sanctuary to Home

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Shortly after starting this blog, I decided to start www.anathletesblog.ca that focuses on my journey to becoming a multiple half ironman finisher.

Earlier today I wrote a post detailing my 225 km ride home from a rental cottage near the Haliburton Wolf Sanctuary.

If you are interested in reading about why I did it, how I planned for it, what the journey looked, including the highs of completing my first hundred-mile ride, the lows of riding terrible trails, almost giving up, and the story of a momma bear and her baby, please click through to Haliburton Wolf Sanctuary to Home via the Haliburton and Victoria Rail Trails.

I hope that you’ll enjoy the adventure as much as I did.


P.S. I am happy to say that this picture was not from the ride, but it was my biggest fear along the way.

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