Ghost Bikes and Bike Safety

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Last month I set a personal record by logging almost 1,000km on the bike, completing multiple bikepacking trips, including my ride 330km ride of the Cannonball 300, and the 160km Simcoe County Loop Trail.

While out on one of those rides, I encountered a newly installed ghost bike that was put up in memory of Daniel Bertini, a cyclist who was killed earlier this summer.

Seeing that bike impacted, and learning about all the other bikes in the city, got me to thinking about the precautions I take, and whether they are enough.

With that, I went down the rabbit hole of bike safety, and I discovered many enlightening facts around the impact of helmets, the effects of clothing choice, and how to ensure maximum visibility.

If you are interested in going down the rabbit hole with me, please visit Ghost Bikes and Bike Safety.


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